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Frandoli is synonymous with style and elegance in the market of Curtain Rods.
It is the result of experience that draws on the past and of innovation that anticipates the future in the choices and the designs proposed. The Frandoli line is the right mixture of tradition and evolution.
Continuous research and the particular care taken in the design are the guarantee of quality over time.
The result is a prestigious product, unique and original in the selection of the materials and forms, seductive and ideal to enhance the interior details of surroundings of refined taste.
An unmistakable sign to interpret your way of living.

Frandoli Curtain Rods are perfect interior fittings for your home, the best combination of quality and beauty, suitable for whom likes harmonious and pleasing details.

We are located in Spilimbergo (PN - Italy), Zona Industriale Nord.

Zona Industriale Nord, 36/A
33097 Spilimbergo (PN) - ITALY

Phone. +39.0427.50.244
Fax +39.0427.50.559

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