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Frandoli s.r.l. - Vista dall'alto Azienda Produzione Bastoni per Tende

" We are a Laboratory of Creative Elegance transforming living spaces into a unique experience every day "

About Us

Frandoli is the leading Italian company in the production of curtain systems: a brand that has been synonymous with reliability, style, and quality for over twenty years. Today, our brand is a guarantee for customers worldwide because for years, we have been bringing products of the highest quality into their homes, combining functionality with the latest design trends.

20 years of History

of Growth and Transformation


The company was born in 2000 in Spilimbergo, Friuli Venezia Giulia: a territory known for excellence, rich in history and tradition.


Located at the foot of the Alps, where mountains meet the plains, in the heart of Europe and just a stone’s throw away from Slovenia and Austria, the Frandoli facility stands. It is a modern space of 4000 square meters that houses the production and showroom of our products.


Born from Mauro Frandoli’s intuition, thanks to his foresight, professionalism, and entrepreneurial abilities, he created a reference point in the industry, founding in his name the finest artisan tradition of Made in Italy, combined with the most modern production technologies.

Frandoli s.r.l. - Bastoni per tende - Interno produzione - verniciatura
Frandoli s.r.l. - Bastoni per tende - Interno produzione - tornio
Frandoli s.r.l. - Bastoni per tende - Interno produzione - lavorazione delle finiture
Frandoli s.r.l. - Bastoni per tende - Interno produzione - fiamma ossidrica saldatura

Master Craftsmen

The continuous research and meticulous attention to design have long been a guarantee of quality. The result is a unique and original product, chosen for its materials and shapes, alluring and ideal for enriching environments and interiors with refined taste.


Frandoli knows well how the impact of a room can change with the touch of a special detail.


showroom frandoli stanza con tenda intera - Linea alluminio Road - Way
Frandoli - sistemi per tende - showroom Street stanza
Frandoli - sistemi per tende - showroom Sunny stanza
Frandoli - sistemi per tende - showroom
Frandoli - sistemi per tende - showroom

The Choice of Quality

Recommended by Professionals


Frandoli offers a wide range of accessories for curtains with an unmistakable style and excellent quality. Material selection, turning, milling, polishing, satin-finishing, and painting: all processes are carried out internally by skilled artisans, a production process that allows us to address and manage the most specific customer requests and the most complex construction challenges: perfect support systems down to the smallest detail.

Quality Made in Italy

The careful evaluation of colors and styles, along with an extensive catalog, allows choosing from countless solutions, while the support of an expert team enables the design of completely personalized individual systems.

Frandoli’s curtain systems cater perfectly to the needs of rustic and classic atmospheres, as well as more minimalist and modern spaces: they are the perfect home furnishing items for the dream house, created by those who, like you, believe that every detail is part of the harmony of a whole.

Finitura 200 Deep Black
116 Bianco Perla - Finiture Moderne Opache Frandoli s.r.l. Bastoni per Tende
068 Blu Primavera - Finiture Classiche Frandoli s.r.l. Bastoni per Tende
020 Bianco Venezia - Finiture Classiche Frandoli s.r.l. Bastoni per Tende


It’s a true Italian success story that now extends beyond the borders of the country and continues to evolve thanks to innovation and experience.